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The latest offering from the boys of Wildebeest is a short film with an epic perspective, celebrating the power of the human body and mind through the art of yoga.

Wildebeest teamed up with Jaggad, a Melbourne active wear line by Chris and Rebecca Judd.

Shot over two and a half days in the rocky terrains of greater California and Arizona, the film places its heroine against a series of jaw-dropping natural backdrops.

Julian Lucas and Wildebeest partner in crime Jarred Osborn travelled to the States to hunt down the dream. They drove 3,500km in 2.5 days, enlisting renowned yogi Talia Peretz to bring their vision to life. As Talia steps through a series of complex poses, a beacon of bliss at the centre of the sprawling plains that surround her, the cameras swoop and glide above her, suspending the viewer in a state of dreamlike meditation.


Talent | @talia_sutra
Directors | Julian Lucas & Jarred Osborn (WILDEBEEST)

DOP | Jarred Osborn

Producer | Ryan Gray

Hair & MUA |Cynthia Angelina

Colour grade | Daniel Stonehouse (CRAYON)

Music | Salomon Ligthelm - Lives are Threads
Label | JAGGAD

Shot on the Alexa Mini with a set of Zeiss Ultraprimes, Ronin and DJI Inspire 1.

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